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the stories of the silver sky collection
Fresh Pandora collection with falls signed with cubic zirconium oxide, metalic or gold. Pandora distills drops as jewelry. After the selection Poetiche Drops, launched last season and inspired because of the dew, here is that Gocce Scintillanti, which are destined to shine especially ahead of Christmas. They are made with pandora charms uk cubic zirconia stones set in 14 karat gold pavé or 925 silver.

The effect of this is certainly somewhat frosty, with reflections on the particular surface of the meadows the next day. The collection consists of rings, earrings and bracelets. The earrings of that lobes have detachable factors, which allow to change the appearance from the jewel in a set of movements. For example, it may be used as the lobe of jewelry daily and pandora essence become the most important pieces from the night, with the addition of pavé drops.

Pandora, the stories of the silver sky collection, inspired by the cosmos. Pandora attack. The warm autumn from the Danish brand is portrayed, among other things, by means of two initiatives: the first is the collection Racconti dal Cielo, which can be the name of a new line of jewelry inspired by pandora floral charms the night sky. The modern collection, which the corporation calls hand-finished second-only manufacturing techniques, is silver as well as has rings that intersect, caused small inlaid stones. It contains ring, bracelet and earrings.

Pandora rings for fall: with different stones for each month, or with designed hearts. For those by using pandosyndrom, ie can definitely not resist making the Pandora jewelery assortment, which change every season (and there are various fans), here is a good number of news for autumn 2016. The Danish company offers this hearts Radioyes, 925 sterling silver rings that, no question, have hearts carved on pandora individual rings the edge of that jewel. Some color inside the jewelry also passes using enamel also the good lines and paved along with crystals and stones.

One more novelty: the new series of rings, always in magical, the line Drops (drops). They are dedicated to the months on the year: each with some stone, from garnet through January to June moonstone, towards the blue crystal of 12. For September, the blue stone is launched by a classy floral touch obtained by means of cutting. The facets arranged from a brilliant flower on pandora chains the top surface of a sapphire (synthetic).

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